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After being diagnosed with malignant cells in her uterus and undergoing a hysterectomy, Ysdaly Thielen felt inspired to lead a healthier lifestyle and connect with other women going through many types of cancers. This led her to a whole new purpose within her artistic skills.

As a certified medical & cosmetic tattoo artist, she is committed to using her skills to inspire confidence in your own skin and pride for the victories you’ve conquered thus far!

She is a board-certified permanent cosmetic professional, member of the Society for Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, and Selective Artist for Sauler Institute of Tattooing, with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. She specializes in 3D nipple and areola tattooing which are natural-looking and realistic and has trained extensively within the US, and Brazil. Her expertise also extends to scar camouflage, vitiligo camouflage, scalp micro pigmentation, gender reaffirmation, and cosmetic tattooing (eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips).

Beyond her creative skills, it is her treasured honor to get to know her clients’ stories, and form part of the aesthetic restoration process within the complex journey of healing and regeneration for so many.

“ as medical and cosmetic tattoo artists, we help people feel confident in their own skin”